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Kenridge, Durbanville (opened 2003)
021 914 8258 or 082 822 5038


Westlake Square, Tokai (opened 2004)
021 7015252 or 082 857 7557


Paradys Kloof Centre, Stellenbosch (opened 2010)
072 575 6999


People often ask which the best  laser hair removal system is  – of course, each clinic would choose its own!  However, it would be very short sighted to proclaim that there is nothing else on the market. We advise prospective clients to do careful research as top class laser machines are limited and the information available is often confusing. We are advocates for all responsible service providers who use safe and effective technology and will gladly advise and assist  clients who are looking into a different laser machine or clinic.

These days new hair removal systems sprout up all over but are often not real LASER (even though they are advertised as such) and will not have the same effect as a class 4 medical laser. We proudly use the LightSheer™ diode laser  for the best and safest laser treatment.

Feel free to  call  for more information or visit us for a free consultation and test patch. 

Our approach is  based on a scientific method and each client is assessed individually according to factors like age, family history, medical history, skin type, etc. Unfortunately everybody is not a perfect candidate for laser – people differ and so does the result. We undertake to be honest and realistic concerning each clients’ expected outcome.

All therapists are trained in service by the owner for at least 6 months before commencing laser treatment on their own.

We are  Licenced by the Department of Health and FDA approved.